Verbs that start with Q ( Definition and Example) 1

Verbs that start with Q ( Definition and Example)

The letter Q is not commonly used in the English language, but there are still a number of positive verbs that start with this letter. These verbs may not be as familiar to us as other words, but they can be just as powerful in expressing positive actions and attitudes. In this article, we will explore some of the most positive verbs that start with Q and how they can be used to communicate positivity and motivation in our daily lives.

List of  Verbs that start with Q ( Definition and Example)


  • Definition: to make the noise of a duck
  • Example: The duck quacked loudly in the pond.


  • Definition: to multiply by four
  • Example:  The company managed to quadruple their profits in just one year.


  • Definition: to make four copies of
  • Example: We need to quadruplicate this document for each member of the team.


  • Definition: to drink something thirstily or quickly
  • Example: We decided to quaff some cold drinks to cool down after playing sports.


  • Definition: to waste away, fade or wither
  • Example: The bird quailed in fear when it saw the predator approaching.


  • Definition: to tremble or shake
  • Example: The earthquake made the ground quake and buildings shake.


  • Definition: to meet the requirements of something
  • Example: He studied hard to qualify for the scholarship program.


  • Definition: to express the amount of something
  • Example: We need to quantify the amount of money we spend on office supplies.


  • Definition: to measure or determine the quantity of something
  • Example: The lab technicians will quantitate the levels of the chemical in the sample.


  • Definition: to express in multiples of a basic unit
  • Example:  The music producer will quantize the drum track to make it sound tighter.


  • Definition: to keep something or someone away from others
  • Example: The sick patient was placed in quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease.


  • Definition: to argue with someone
  • Example:  The couple had a quarrel over how to decorate the living room.


  • Definition: to divide something into four equal parts
  • Example: The soldiers were asked to quarter in the barracks during their training.


  • Definition: to suppress something or put an end to it
  • Example: The judge quashed the case due to lack of evidence.


  • Definition: to shake or tremble with uncertainty
  • Example: The singer’s voice quavered with emotion as she performed the song.


  • Definition: to make a female person the ruler of a country
  • Example:  The queen ruled her kingdom with kindness and wisdom.


  • Definition: to forcibly suppress
  • Example: The teacher tried to quelch the students’ excitement about the upcoming field trip.


  • Definition: to stop or quiet something
  • Example: The police managed to quell the riots before they got out of hand.


  • Definition: to satisfy or extinguish
  • Example: We need to quench our thirst with some cold water.


  • Definition: to ask about something
  • Example: She sent a query to the customer service department about her order.


  • Definition: to search, seek or journey
  • Example: The hero went on a quest to save the princess from the dragon.


  • Definition: to ask something or doubt something
  • Example: The journalist asked a tough question during the press conference.


  • Definition: to form a line
  • Example: The people formed a long queue outside the store on Black Friday.


  • Definition: to use petty arguments when discussing an issue
  • Example: The lawyer tried to quibble over the wording of the contract.


  • Definition: to make more rapid
  • Example: The caffeine in the coffee will quicken your heartbeat.


  • Definition: to become quieter
  • Example: The software engineer managed to quiesce the system to prevent further errors.


  • Definition: to cause to make no sound
  • Example: The librarian asked the students to be quiet in the reading room.


  • Definition: to make or become soundless
  • Example: The parents sang a lullaby to quieten their baby’s cries.


  • Definition: to stitch and join together different kinds of fabric to make a decorative blanket
  • Example: She spent hours quilting a beautiful blanket for her niece.


  • Definition: to make or become fives times as much
  • Example:  The athlete managed to quintuple his weightlifting record.


  • Definition: to make a witty remark
  • Example: She made a witty quip during the meeting that made everyone laugh.


  • Definition: to stop doing something
  • Example: He decided to quit his job and pursue his passion for painting.


  • Definition: to shake rapidly or tremble
  • Example: The leaves on the tree quivered in the wind.


  • Definition: to test knowledge
  • Example: The teacher gave the students a pop quiz on the reading assignment.

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Verbs that start with Q ( Definition and Example) 2

Verbs that start with Q ( Definition and Example) 3

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