List of Common Verbs That Start with E ( Definition and Example) 1

List of Common Verbs That Start with E ( Definition and Example)

Verbs starting with the letter “E” are used in daily conversation, writing, and formal communication. These verbs are versatile and express a range of actions and emotions, from “enjoy” to “endure” and “examine” to “encourage.” In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most common verbs that start with “E,” explore their meanings and usage, and highlight their importance in everyday communication.

List of Common Verbs That Start with E ( Definition and Example)


  • Definition: To gain something through effort or work
  • Example: She worked hard to earn a promotion at her job.


  • Definition: To put food in the mouth, chew, and swallow
  • Example: I love to eat pizza on Friday nights.


  • Definition: To listen to a private conversation between other people without their knowledge
  • Example: She couldn’t resist eavesdropping on her neighbors’ conversation.


  • Definition: To reflect a sound off a surface and repeat it
  • Example: Her voice echoed through the empty hallway.


  • Definition: To obscure or block out light; to surpass something else in prominence
  • Example: The moon will eclipse the sun during the solar eclipse.


  • Definition: To prepare something for publication by removing errors or rearranging
  • Example: She had to edit her essay before submitting it to her professor.


  • Definition: To teach a skill or subject
  • Example: Her parents made sure to educate her on the importance of saving money.


  • Definition: To release or remove by force
  • Example: The pilot had to eject from the plane during an emergency.


  • Definition: To add details to something
  • Example: She gave an elaborate explanation of the scientific experiment.


  • Definition: To pass by or slip by
  • Example: Three hours had elapsed since she started reading the book.


  • Definition: To vote for a person for office
  • Example: The citizens had to elect a new mayor for the town.


  • Definition: To charge with electricity
  • Example: The crowd was electrified by the rock concert.


  • Definition: To lift something up, promote, or boost
  • Example: The new shoes elevated her outfit.


  • Definition: To evoke or draw out from someone
  • Example: The detective was able to elicit a confession from the suspect.


  • Definition: To take out or remove
  • Example: She was able to eliminate all the errors in her work.


  • Definition: To grow or stretch longer
  • Example: The yoga instructor asked the students to elongate their spines.


  • Definition: To go away from home and get married in secret
  • Example: The couple decided to elope instead of having a big wedding.


  • Definition: To cleverly avoid or escape
  • Example: The answer to the riddle continued to elude her.


  • Definition: To send a digital message via an electronic mail account
  • Example: She sent an email to her boss asking for a day off.


  • Definition: To begin something that will occur over a period of time
  • Example: They embarked on a new adventure together.


  • Definition: To cause someone to feel self-conscious
  • Example: She was embarrassed when she realized her skirt was tucked into her underwear.


  • Definition: To plant something deeply or firmly
  • Example: The reporter embedded herself with the troops during the war.


  • Definition: To make something fancier by decorating it
  • Example: She liked to embellish her stories to make them more interesting.


  • Definition: To steal or appropriate money or assets through fraud
  • Example: The accountant was caught trying to embezzle money from the company.


  • Definition: To represent in bodily form
  • Example: The athlete embodied the spirit of determination and hard work.


  • Definition: To wrap one’s arms around someone and hold them close
  • Example: She gave him a warm embrace when he returned from his trip.


  • Definition: To come into view
  • Example: The sun emerged from behind the clouds.


  • Definition: To discharge or let off
  • Example: The car emitted a loud noise when it started.


  • Definition: To hire someone to do work for pay; to put into use
  • Example: She was able to employ her skills to find a job.


  • Definition: To enable or give authority to someone
  • Example: The organization aimed to empower women in underprivileged communities.


  • Definition: To copy or imitate
  • Example: He tried to emulate his favorite actor’s performance.


  • Definition: To make something possible
  • Example: The new technology enabled her to work from home.


  • Definition: To put something into law
  • Example: The government had to enact new laws to protect the environment.


  • Definition: To delight or captivate someone
  • Example: The beautiful garden enchanted the visitors.


  • Definition: To close in or confine
  • Example: She enclosed the letter in an envelope before sending it.


  • Definition: To unexpectedly be in the presence of someone
  • Example: She had a chance encounter with her childhood friend on the street.


  • Definition: To encode something in a way that will keep it secret
  • Example: She made sure to encrypt her sensitive information before sending it.


  • Definition: To bring to a conclusion
  • Example: The concert had to end at midnight.


  • Definition: To expose someone to peril
  • Example: The construction site endangered the lives of the workers.


  • Definition: To cause someone to be well-liked, beloved or admired
  • Example: The little girl’s smile endeared her to everyone she met.


  • Definition: To put up with or to undergo
  • Example: The marathon runner had to endure 26.2 miles to reach the finish line.


  • Definition: To give energy to or invigorate
  • Example: The morning coffee helped energize her for the day.


  • Definition: To wrap in folds or envelop
  • Example: She enfolded the baby in a warm blanket.


  • Definition: To participate fully in something
  • Example: She engaged in a lively conversation with her friends.


  • Definition: To experience pleasure
  • Example: She enjoyed spending time with her family on the weekends.


  • Definition: To completely capture someone’s attention
  • Example: The mystery novel enthralled her from the beginning.


  • Definition: To wipe out something
  • Example: She had to erase the whiteboard before the next class.


  • Definition: To get away from a place, situation or person
  • Example: The prisoner managed to escape from the jail.


  • Definition: To force someone to leave a place or property
  • Example: The landlord had to evict the tenants for not paying rent.


  • Definition: To cause a strong emotional response
  • Example: The news of her promotion excited her beyond belief.

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List of Common Verbs That Start with E ( Definition and Example) 2

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