Common Verbs That Start with C - Definitions and Examples 1

Common Verbs That Start with C – Definitions and Examples

Verbs are the backbone of any sentence, providing the action or state of being that forms its core. Among the vast array of verbs in the English language, those that start with the letter “C” are particularly diverse and powerful. From communicating to creating, connecting to caring, verbs that start with “C” can be used to express a wide range of actions, emotions, and ideas. In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting and useful verbs that begin with the letter “C” and show you how to use them effectively in your writing and communication.

Common Verbs That Start with C ( Definitions and Examples)

  1. Call
  • Definition: to speak or cry out loud enough to attract a person’s attention
  • Example: She decided to call her mom and tell her the good news.

      2. Camp

  • Definition: to stay in a tent or recreational vehicle for a short period of time.
  • Example: The group planned to camp in the mountains for a week.

     3. Cancel

  • Definition: to delete or make invalid.
  • Example: They had to cancel the concert due to bad weather.

      4. Captivate

  • Definition: to gain the attention or affection of someone.
  • Example:  The performer captivated the audience with her stunning voice.

    5. Capture

  • Definition: to take hold or control of, often by force.
  • Example: The photographer managed to capture a beautiful sunset over the ocean.

  6. Care

  • Definition: to have feelings like concern, responsibility or love.
  • Example: She cared for her sick grandmother by making her soup and reading to her.

     7. Caress

  • Definition: to stroke gently and lovingly.
  • Example: The mother gently caressed her baby’s cheek as she rocked her to sleep.

      8. Carry

  • Definition: to transport; to support the weight of something or someone.
  • Example: He had to carry the heavy boxes up the stairs to his apartment.

 9. Carve:

  • Definition: to slice or divide up; to make something smaller by cutting or chiseling.
  • Example: The woodcarver skillfully carved a beautiful statue out of a block of wood.

 10. Catch

  • Definition: to capture or take something.
  • Example: She was able to catch the ball before it hit the ground.

11.  Cater

  • Definition: to prepare and serve food for an event in a professional capacity.
  • Example: The restaurant was able to cater the wedding with delicious food and impeccable service.

12. Cease

  • Definition: to stop or discontinue.
  • Example: The noise from the construction finally ceased, allowing the residents to sleep peacefully.

13. Change

  • Definition: to replace one thing with another; to become different.
  • Example: She decided to change her hair color to bright red.

14. Charge

  • Definition: to assess a fee for goods or services.
  • Example: The company had to charge more for their products due to rising costs.

15. Chase

  • Definition: to follow quickly, pursue or run after.
  • Example: The dog chased the ball across the yard and brought it back to his owner.

16. Chat

  • Definition: to talk or have a friendly exchange.
  • Example: They sat down to chat over a cup of coffee and catch up on old times.

17. Cheat

  • Definition: to behave dishonestly to gain an advantage.
  • Example: He decided to cheat on the test, but was caught by the teacher.

18. Cheer

  • Definition: to behave dishonestly to gain an advantage.
  • Example: The crowd cheered loudly as the team scored the winning goal.

19. Chew

  • Definition: to use teeth to bite, cut through and grind into smaller pieces.
  • Example: He had to chew his food slowly since he had a sore tooth.

20. Choke

  • Definition: to have a hard time breathing due to an obstructed airway.
  • Example: She almost choked on her food when she laughed at the funny joke.

21. Choose

  • Definition: to pick from a number of options.
  • Example: She had to choose between the two dresses for the party.

22. Chop

  • Definition: to cut into pieces via repeated quick blows a knife or other blade.
  • Example: He skillfully chopped the vegetables for the stir fry.

23. Clap

  • Definition: to hit the palms of the hands together to make a loud sound.
  • Example: The audience gave the performers a standing ovation and clapped enthusiastically.

24. Clash

  • Definition: to disagree in a way that leads to conflict.
  • Example: The two teams clashed in a fierce soccer match.

25. Clasp

  • Definition: to hold or grip tightly; to attach two or more things together.
  • Example: She carefully fastened the clasp on her necklace before leaving the house.

26. Claw

  • Definition: to grab at or tear using the nails on a hand or foot.
  • Example: The cat used its sharp claws to climb up the tree.

27. Clean

  • Definition: to take action to make something not dirty.
  • Example: She meticulously cleaned her apartment before her guests arrived.

28. Clench

  • Definition: to press something tightly together, such as teeth or fists, into a tight ball.
  • Example: He clenched his fists in anger after receiving the bad news.

29. Climb

  • Definition: to move up a slope, incline or steps.
  • Example: They decided to climb the steep mountain to reach the summit.

30. Cling

  • Definition: to hold on tightly.
  • Example: The child clung to his mother’s hand tightly as they crossed the busy street.

31. Clone

  • Definition: to replicate cells such that they are identical genetically.
  • Example: The scientist successfully cloned the sheep using advanced technology.

32. Coach

  • Definition: to teach or instruct; to prepare a team for success.
  • Example: The coach trained the team rigorously to prepare them for the championship game.

33. Collect

  • Definition: to gather together.
  • Example: She liked to collect vintage postcards from different countries.

34. Collide

  • Definition: to crash into something.
  • Example: The two cars collided in a terrible accident on the highway.

35. Collude

  • Definition: to secretly work with someone to do something deceitful.
  • Example: The two companies were suspected of colluding to fix prices in the market.

36. Color

  • Definition: to add a hue, shade, paint, or dye to an object or picture.
  • Example: She decided to color her hair blonde for a change.

37. Come

  • Definition: to move in the direction of someone or something.
  • Example: He promised to come to her birthday party, but didn’t show up.

38. Commence

  • Definition: to begin something.
  • Example: The concert will commence at 8 PM sharp.

39. Compare

  • Definition: to find the similarities or differences between two or more people or things.
  • Example: She compared the prices of different brands before buying the new phone.

40. Compete

  • Definition: to engage in a contest.
  • Example: The two athletes competed fiercely in the race to win the gold medal.

41. Complain

  • Definition: to express dissatisfaction.
  • Example: He always complained about his job, but never did anything to change it.

42. Confess

  • Definition: to admit wrongdoing.
  • Example: She finally confessed to her friend that she had a crush on him.

43. Connect

  • Definition: to join together; to attach.
  • Example: The new app allows users to connect with each other and share their experiences.

44. Construct

  • Definition: to build or assemble.
  • Example: The workers were able to construct the building in record time.

45. Contain

  • Definition: to keep within a boundary.
  • Example: The firefighters worked tirelessly to contain the forest fire before it spread further.

46. Cook

  • Definition: to prepare food so it’s not raw.
  • Example: She cooked a delicious meal for her family using her grandmother’s recipe.

47. Count

  • Definition: to add up or calculate.
  • Example: She had to count the number of guests attending the party to make sure she had enough food and drinks.

48. Crawl

  • Definition: to move slowly on the ground on one’s hands and knees.
  • Example: The baby learned to crawl before he started walking.

49. Create

  • Definition: to cause something to exist; to make.
  • Example: The artist created a beautiful painting using bright colors and bold strokes.

50. Cut

  • Definition: to divide with a blade or other sharp instrument.
  • Example: She cut the cake into equal slices and served it to her guests.

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