Common Verbs That Start with B ( Definitions and Examples) 1

Common Verbs That Start with B ( Definitions and Examples)

Verbs are the backbone of any sentence, providing the action or state of being that forms its core. Among the vast array of verbs in the English language, those that start with the letter “B” are particularly diverse and powerful. From communicating to creating, connecting to caring, verbs that start with “B” can be used to express a wide range of actions, emotions, and ideas. In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting and useful verbs that begin with the letter “B” and show you how to use them effectively in your writing and communication.

Common Verbs That Start with B ( Definitions and Examples)

  1. Back
  • Definition: to move in a backward motion or to support.
  • Example: She turned her back to him and walked away.

2. Bake

  • Definition: to cook food in an oven
  • Example: She decided to bake a cake for her sister’s birthday.

3. Balance

  • Definition: to make something even in weight, size or amount
  • Example: The gymnast was able to maintain her balance on the beam.

4. Ban

  • Definition: to stop people from doing something
  • Example: The school principal decided to ban mobile phones on the school premises.

5. Base

  • Definition: to build upon a foundation of knowledge
  • Example: The theory was based on several scientific experiments.

6. Be

  • Definition: to exist
  • Example: To be or not to be, that is the question.

7. Bear

  • Definition: to be able to cope with or hold the weight
  • Example: The mother bear protected her cubs from danger.

8. Beat

  • Definition: to win or to hit
  • Example: The drummer started to beat the drums rhythmically.

9. Become

  • Definition: to grow or change into
  • Example: She wanted to become a doctor and help people.

10. Beg

  • Definition: to plead for something
  • Example: He had to beg his parents for permission to go on the trip.

11. Begin

  • Definition: to start something
  • Example: She was nervous to begin her first day at a new job.

12. Behave

  • Definition: to act in an appropriate manner
  • Example: The children were asked to behave during the wedding ceremony.

13. Behold

  • Definition: to see or perceive
  • Example: Behold! The new king has arrived.

14. Believe

  • Definition: to have confidence in the truth of something
  • Example: She couldn’t believe that she had won the lottery.

15. Belong

  • Definition: to fit in or be suitable for
  • Example: The antique vase belongs to my grandmother.

16. Bend

  • Definition: to give a curve or angle to something
  • Example: He had to bend down to pick up the coin from the ground.

17. Bet

  • Definition: to wager money in a competition
  • Example: He decided to bet on his favorite football team to win the match.

18. Beware

  • Definition: to be cautious of potential danger
  • Example: Beware of the dog, it’s not friendly.

19. Bind

  • Definition: to tie or stick together
  • Example: The contract bound them to work together for the next two years.

20. Bite

  • Definition: to use your teeth to dig into something
  • Example: The apple was so delicious that she took a big bite.

21. Blame

  • Definition: to declare someone else responsible for a fault
  • Example: She blamed her brother for breaking her favorite toy.

22. Bleed

  • Definition: to lose blood
  • Example: The cut on his finger started to bleed profusely.

23. Blend

  • Definition: to combine things in a harmonious manner
  • Example: The artist used different colors to blend and create a beautiful painting.

24. Bless

  • Definition: to ask for the favor of God
  • Example: The priest blessed the couple before they got married.

25. Blink

  • Definition: to open and close quickly, especially the eyelids
  • Example: She had to blink several times to clear her vision.

26. Block

  • Definition: to prevent something from happening
  • Example: The construction site blocked the road, causing heavy traffic.

27. Blow

  • Definition: to expel air in a forceful manner
  • Example: The wind was so strong that it blew away the umbrella.

28. Blur

  • Definition: to make something indistinct or hazy
  • Example: Her vision started to blur after working on the computer for too long.

29. Boast

  • Definition: to brag about oneself
  • Example: He liked to boast about his achievements to his friends.

30. Boil

  • Definition: to change from liquid to gas
  • Example: She had to boil the water before making tea.

31. Bolster

  • Definition: to support or strengthen something
  • Example: He used pillows to bolster his back while sitting on the couch.

32. Book

  • Definition: to make reservations for something in advance
  • Example: She decided to book a flight for her vacation to Hawaii.

33. Boost

  • Definition: to raise, push higher or promote
  • Example: The new marketing strategy helped to boost sales for the company.

34. Born

  • Definition: past participle of “to bear;” to be brought forth
  • Example: She was born on a sunny day in June.

35. Borrow

  • Definition: to take something with the intention of giving it back
  • Example: She had to borrow money from her friend to pay for the rent.

36. Bother

  • Definition: to annoy, worry or cause discomfort
  • Example: The noise from the construction site was starting to bother her.

37. Bounce

  • Definition: to jump or move suddenly
  • Example: The ball bounced off the wall and hit him on the head.

38. Bound

  • Definition: to leap or jump
  • Example: The horse was bound to the post with a rope.

39. Break

  • Definition: to smash, split or fracture
  • Example: She had to break the news to her parents that she was moving away.

40. Breathe

  • Definition: to take air in and let it out
  • Example: He took a deep breath before jumping into the pool.

41. Brew

  • Definition: to make something to drink by mixing parts together, boiling, and steeping
  • Example: She decided to brew some coffee to stay awake.

42. Bring

  • Definition: to carry or take something or someone to a location
  • Example: She had to bring her passport and visa for the international trip.

43. Browse

  • Definition: to look at something casually
  • Example: She liked to browse online stores to find the best deals.

44. Build

  • Definition: to construct, create or put together
  • Example: The construction workers were building a new skyscraper.

45. Bully

  • Definition: to force one’s way aggressively
  • Example: He used to bully his classmates in school until the teacher intervened.

46. Burn

  • Definition: to be on fire
  • Example: The fire was so hot that it started to burn the furniture.

47. Burst

  • Definition: to break apart suddenly and with force
  • Example: The balloon burst after he blew it up too much.

48. Bury

  • Definition: to place in the ground, cover up or hide
  • Example: They decided to bury their beloved pet dog in the backyard.

49. Buy

  • Definition: to purchase or get by an exchange of something of value
  • Example: She decided to buy a new dress for the party.

50. Bypass

  • Definition: to provide an alternative way around
  • Example: The doctor recommended bypass surgery to treat the blockage in the patient’s arteries.

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